Moyanovsky is the pseudonym of the musician Antonio Moyano Polanco, born in Illapel.

He takes his first musical steps in 1982, then in 1989 he formed the band Los Bufones del Rey, where he was the guitarist and singer. In 1997 he founded the group EME developing as a singer, guitarist and composer in a pop rock style

In 2000 he formed the band Kasimir mixing rock, pop and electronics, obtaining excellent critics, after this he turned fully to electronic music.

In 2012 he won a GORE (Regional Goverment) project named “Sulfuro”, which included traverse flute, voices, percussion and electronics
Moyano is a very prolific composer, a member of the SCD with more than 140 registered songs and with a long career and musical versatility.
Orion Network selected the track “Space Sahara” for their compilation “Cuatro”.

He wins first place in the Ether Soma Laboratory remix contest: The Ministry of anticulture remixes, a recently released album by Orion Network
Experimentation is always present in Moyanovsky’s music, leading him to create a particular sound and style in national electronic music.



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