Iñaki Muñoz


Iñaki Muñoz, born 1980, Santiago of Chile. Visual and sound artist graduated from ARCIS University at the School of Graphic Design. He develops and investigates the languages of painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, video and sound. With a vast national and international trajectory. He has exhibited his works in Italy, Norway, the United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Costa Rica and Chile. Part of his work is in private collections as well as in the museum Eugenio Granell in Spain.


In the life of the work that I do, I have learned to listen to the alphabets of time, languages that cannot be seen, but that are felt in the spirit. Words of sensitive thoughts, that write the biodiversity of history in each breath they take. Moving through veins, roots and fissures, that go from the inside out and in their advance, they reflect on the organic sum of multiple true emotions that spirits have, which reacting to the shock of all ideas and emotions they change form infinitely, because they are a small body in nothingness, transmitting torrents of energies that together draw the advance of the universe.



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