GOZNE (Eduardo Yáñez Torres) 1970 Valparaíso.
He is a Chilean audio / visual artist based in the city of Quilpué.
He has been active since 1983 experiencing sounds and in recent years seeking to visualize them by overcoming the separationof the sensory perceptions of sight and hearing.
His visual work is based on random mathematical patterns generated by the audio.
In sound, he draws on analog and digital, field recordings, computers and electronic musical instruments of his own creation,that are processed and modified in his study.
During the 90s he was part of the EBM / Industrial band ALVANIA.
From 1984 to date he has a rich production of albums like GOZNE and other pseudonyms (Zacarías Malden), mostly self-produced and published by netlabels from Chile, Argentina, Japan, Germany, China and the United States.
In recent years and with a strong adherence to reductionism in his live performances,he leads his audio / visual experiments to create a custom sign code that travels between the Drone / Ambient and the abstract rhythm.



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