“co-dec” is the sound and visual aesthetic result of the Chilean electronic artist Patricio González Cruz, who since 2016 has committed his work to the concept of construction and deconstruction. His artistic offer adopts an aesthetic coding and sound-visual decoding, proposing a constant search in our era’s audiovisual stories, mixed with traditional narrative languages and new multimedia technologies.

He is also a founding member and director of “Orion Network”, a collective and collaborative platform for electronic artists, a commonplace of interaction, integration, and camaraderie of diverse sound and visual artists of avant-garde and experimental electronics.

In 2018, he formed the collective interdisciplinary audiovisual project “Dentro del Mismo Individuo”, also known as DMI Live. In this project, he experiments simultaneously with light and sound in an immersive atmosphere and develops his work under the dogma of collective and explorational creation in real-time.

As of 2016, he is part of the industrial-rock band “D.R.A.G.”, where he performs as a musician, sound designer, and mixing and mastering engineer.

He is currently a partner-director in the “Industria Musical Electrónica Independente de Chile”, known as IME Chile. This trade association joins artists, labels, producers, and managers of Chilean independent electronic music.



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