I have been involved in different musical projects visiting different styles and rescuing elements that I have found interesting, for example, those that propose spaces for experimentation and improvisation.

Since some time ago, I find myself motivated to take compositions not only to the percussion level but also to the construction of sound textures that integrate more elements, the product of the need that arises to continue expanding the forms of communication. My current references are associated with Downtempo, Ambient, and Techno, considering different nuances. On the one hand, the raw sound, enveloping and with hesitant melodies slightly defined, and another is linked to the ambient without rhythm. I have used sequencers, DAWs, and different tools (presets and memory banks) that facilitate the work when performing live. However, for some time now, I have been attracted again to instruments that in a natural state develop a non-replicable sonority and allow more freedom when experimenting.



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