Project of Jessica Campos de la Paz, producer and graphic designer, born in the city of Viña del Mar in Chile. With more than 20 years of career, Alisú as a producer, has been working as a developer of the electronic scene of the V Region in Valparaíso, where she is responsible for various projects backed by Modismo label.

Her live show consists of one hundred percent hardware, creating exclusive material that changes with each presentation. Her compositions contain organic environments, field recordings, rhythmic bases and her voice processed by effects. She is constantly experimenting with sounds.

She is co-founder of WIP (Woman in Power) multidisciplinary artistic collective of women creating from art and electronic music in Chile. Leader Arturia User Group Valparaíso. Her music has been released on labels such as Bottom Forty (Seattle, USA) PuebloNuevo (CL), Modismo (CL), Epasonidos (CL), Panal Records (CL).



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